Motor Oil Recycling & New Oil WholesaleRs


Oil Recycling

Coast & Valley Oil Recyclers is a Used Oil Collection business, servicing all types of automotive and industrial workshops. Looking after the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter region for over 40 years.

Oil Collection

The used oil collection service is provided FREE OF CHARGE, unless the oil is contaminated or the pickup is less than 500 litres. During Trading Hours our Berkeley Vale depot is open to the public for FREE drop off of waste oil and filters.

New Oil Wholesales

We supply Brand New Oils and Lubricants manufactured with a virgin base oil. Atlantic Oil and Lubricants are our preferred brand with their high performance and superior quality as well as being 100% Australian owned and operated.

Recycling Rewards

We love recycling and we know you do too! So we want to reward you for your efforts. Ask us about our Sump Dollar rewards by dropping off your waste oil an you can save on your next purchase with us.

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